Jaundice Embalming Kit

Jaundice Embalming Kit

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    • The Frigid Jaundice Kit is designed to minimize the conversion of bilirubin to biliverdin commonly observed when embalming with a jaundice condition present.  The primary injection is formulated to act as a capillary wash to clear the vascular system of discolorations and provide disinfection and preservation.  The secondary injection will provide color and increased disinfection and preservation.

       Continuous drainage is suggested for the primary injection and intermittent for the secondary.


      Combine the following to create a 3 gallon solution:

      1. 256oz of water (two gallons)
      2. 64oz (4 bottle) of Premium Jaundice
      3. 16oz (1 bottle) of Solvol
      4. 16oz (1 bottle) of Free Flo
      5. 16oz (1 bottle) of Water/Clot Guard
      6. 16oz (1 bottle) of Plasma Flo
      7. 3oz/gallon or as needed of Color Guard 1
      8. 8 ounces or as needed of Leak Guard


    • After two gallons have been injected add the following chemicals to the machine.  Do not add additional water.

           9. 32oz (two bottles) of X-20