Free Flo Pre-Injection Fluid

Free Flo Pre-Injection Fluid

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    • Features:

      • Improves distribution and drainage by freeing capillaries of congealing blood.
      • Used with an arterial fluid, it markedly improves the ability of the diluted fluid to displace the blood and allow the preservatives to do their work.
      • Enhanced distribution of the arterial fluid into all areas of the body resulting in a uniformly embalmed body with even dye coloration on the surface of the body.
      • Mildly alkaline formulation, Free Flo buffers the arterial to an effective pH to prevent grey bodies.
      • Special additives act to soften the potentially harsh effects of formaldehyde apparent in some arterials by retaining proper moisture, thus giving the body a more natural feel.

      Embalmer's tips:

      • When drainage is poor, can be added to your tank to help fight "formaldehyde grey" 
      • Can be used as both pre or co injection! 

16oz/473ml bottles