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Water-Clot Guard

Water-Clot Guard

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  • For outstanding control of hard water salts, which are frequently the cause of a blotchy appearance and fading color
  • Hard water salts work against the embalmer and the arterial fluids by:
    • Reacting with some of the dyes to reduce or eliminate their color.
    • Reacting with anionic surfactants to negate their distribution and penetration ability.
  • Water/Clot Guard neutralizes calcium, salts to prevent further clotting and to assist the break up of clots and congealed blood. 

16oz/473ml bottles

How to Use

Water/Clot Guard

Use at 2 to 4 ounces of Water/Clot Guard per gallon of diluted arterial fluids containing either formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde.

  • It is best to add Water/Clot Guard first to the tank of water.
  • Give Water/Clot Guard about 10 minutes for it to mix and work on the water.
  • Then add the arterial fluid.

Other Considerations:
When used with Frigid Leak Guard, add Water/Clot Guard at one-half the number of ounces of Leak Guard to activate the glutaraldehyde.

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