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Tissue Aid Pre-Injection Fluid

Tissue Aid Pre-Injection Fluid

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  • Formulated with natural colloids that are particularly effective moisture retainers.
  • Highly recommended for emaciated and dry skin cases, when moisture loss from the body needs to be delayed, filling out tissue sunken by dehydration, and embalming under very low humidity conditions. 
  • Tissue Aid restores the cells to the proper level of hydration resulting in recovery of a more natural appearance and form, skin that regains a soft smooth texture, and a more natural, pliable, life-like feel to the body.

16oz/473ml bottles

How to Use

Tissue Aid

For normal cases: Tissue Aid should be used at 1 to 3 ounces per gallon of diluted arterial fluid. It can be used at the beginning of the embalming process or added to the last gallon as described above.

For emaciated cases: Mix at 4 to 8 ounces per gallon of diluted arterial fluid, usually to the last gallon to be injected.

For best results: Tissue Aid should be injected under conditions of restricted or closed drainage so that the body is adequately filled out and the proper moisture level is established.

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