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Orifice Guard Disinfectant

Orifice Guard Disinfectant

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  • Contains the CDC recommended portion of 60%-70%  of isopropyl alcohol, as well as additional disinfectants, for broader germicidal disinfection.
  • An effective disinfectant for pre-embalming treatment of the eyes, mouth, nose, and other parts of the body where surface disinfection may be necessary.
  • Also very useful for disinfecting instruments, tables and countertops.
  • Can be applied using cloth or spray.
  • Spray trigger available upon request (1-SPRATRIG)

Embalmer's tips:

  • Has a more pleasant scent than other disinfectants
  • While it is good to have in the prep room, it can also be utilized for cleaning decedents at home funerals or green burials.

How to Use

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