Humectant Silitech

Humectant Silitech

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    • Features:

      • Co-injection for cases showing signs of dehydration. Features SILITECH. 
      • An emulsion of several special oils and moisturizing agents which help return sallow tissue to a life-like appearance with excellent cosmetic skin texture and body pliability.
      • Wrinkling is controlled and a proper moisture level is restored. 
      • The moisture loving ingredients of Humectant work to prevent further dehydration by delaying the escape of water from surface tissues, and restoring the moisture level in deeper tissues.
      • In addition to its ability to rehydrate tissue, Humectant modifies the harsh action of formaldehyde and softens the color of the dyes used in arterial fluids.

      Embalmer's tips:

      • Useful as a substitute for shaving cream to better see the areas you are shaving while ensuring the area stays hydrated
      • Try a Webril soaked with Humectant as a topical treatment for lips to prevent/delay dehydration and impart a more natural coloring of lips. Same procedure very useful for infant/child hands and feet to ensure they stay soft to the touch and maintain a subtle pinkish hue. 
      • Mix with any arterial to add Frigid SILITECH to it. 


      16oz/473 ml bottles