Frigid Stop Fluid
Frigid Stop Fluid

Frigid Stop Fluid

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    • Features:

      • STOP is the chemical of choice for controlling the sources of tissue gas.
      • Two powerful disinfectants penetrate deeply and rapidly to the source of tissue gas.
      • On contact, a small amount of STOP destroys anaerobic bacteria and kills all maggots or insects which may have infested the remains, eliminating vermin-caused embarrassment.
      • A special additive provides lubrication so tissue does not dry out or become brittle.

      Embalmer's tips:

      • Works great with any arterial fluid. 
      • Excellent for delayed burial or ship outs. Adds extra assurance of stopping potential bacterial growth that may lead to tissue gas. 
      • INSTANTLY kill maggots. A must have around the prep room. 


      CAUTION: If you use STOP with a Pierce, Dodge or Portiboy Embalming machine be sure to clean the machine thoroughly after each use. OR purchase a Frigid Embalming Machine and embalm worry free.