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Frigid Stop Fluid

Frigid Stop Fluid

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  • STOP is the chemical of choice for controlling the sources of tissue gas.
  • Two powerful disinfectants penetrate deeply and rapidly to the source of tissue gas.
  • On contact, a small amount of STOP destroys anaerobic bacteria and kills all maggots or insects which may have infested the remains, eliminating vermin-caused embarrassment.
  • A special additive provides lubrication so tissue does not dry out or become brittle.

Embalmer's tips:

  • Works great with any arterial fluid. 
  • Excellent for delayed burial or ship outs. Adds extra assurance of stopping potential bacterial growth that may lead to tissue gas. 
  • INSTANTLY kill maggots. A must have around the prep room. 

CAUTION: If you use STOP with a Pierce, Dodge or Portiboy Embalming machine be sure to clean the machine thoroughly after each use. OR purchase a Frigid Embalming Machine and embalm worry free. 

How to Use

Stop is the solution of choice for controlling the sources of tissue gas.

  • For arterial embalming: add 2 to 4 ounces of Stop to each gallon of diluted high index arterial fluid, mix well, and inject at moderate pressure.
  • Use intermittent drainage to assure thorough distribution of the fluid to all parts of the body.
  • Use sufficient fluid to completely saturate the body with both preservative and Stop.
  • Take particular care to saturate the area of the body from which the tissue gas has originated using the appropriate artery for injection.

To kill vermin: Apply Stop with a cotton pack directly onto the area that is infested. Cover the pack with plastic and leave it in place for five or ten minutes or until the vermin are killed. Stop can also be poured or hypo-injected directly into infested/tissue gas areas using a trocar or syringe.


STOP will speed the deterioration of rubber materials such as latex, butyl and neoprene as well as acrylic, PVC and styrene-type plastics. Pumps, gauges, and parts containing these materials may be damaged by STOP.

Do not allow STOP to enter a septic system.

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