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Dry Guard Cavity Fluid

Dry Guard Cavity Fluid


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  • Quick action with excellent penetration and preservation resulting in tissue that is very firm and dry.
  • As a surface pack, helps to firm and preserve areas of skin slip and spongy tissue.
  • When used externally or just under the skin, it will help to bleach darkened areas and reduce swollen areas.

Embalmer's tips:

  • Pleasant evergreen scent with a proprietary mix of coagulating agents and alcohols designed to dry cavities and eliminate moisture concerns.
  • Try it as a surface pack to dry out a bed sore either during or post embalming.

16oz/473ml bottles

      How to Use

      Normal cases: 1 or 2 pints.
      Larger bodies: may require 2 to 3 pints.

      Special Circumstances:
      Bodies with extensive putrefaction may require 2 to 3 pints according to professional judgment.

      Additional Uses:

      • As a surface pack for skin slip, bed sores and other troubling surface problems, saturate cotton or toweling with Dry Guard and place it on the affected area. Cover with plastic to control any fumes and direct the fluid into the problem area.
      • For use as a bleach or to reduce swollen areas apply as a surface pack as above.
      • For deeper discolorations or swelling, hypo into the affected area according to need.

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