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Cavity King

Cavity King

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  • Quick action with excellent penetration and dispersion for maximum protection.
  • At 25 index this cavity fluid furnishes excellent preservative power to protect against visceral putrefaction and odor.
  • Highly recommended when circulation is destroyed;
    • Cancer, gangrenous, and ulcerated tissue.
    • Other disease damage.
    • Crushed or mutilated bodies.

Embalmer's tips:

  • Citrus and woods odorizing agents. Excellent bug repellant. 
  • Useful on ship outs or delayed burial. 

16oz/473ml bottles

How to Use

Cavity King

Normal cases: 1 or 2 pints. Larger bodies: at least 2 pints are required.

Special Circumstances: Where decomposition is well under way, at least two pints or more are recommended.

Additional Uses: Cavity King can be used for treating infant cases where arterial embalming is difficult to accomplish.

For use as an external pack for skin slip, bed sores and other regions of decomposition, saturate cotton or toweling with Cavity King and place it over the affected area. Cover the pack with plastic sheeting to improve contact and to control the fumes.

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