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Autopsy Compound

Autopsy Compound


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  • Features:

    • Absorbs excess water and firms tissue.
    • Very quick acting.
    • Preserving agents make it extremely effective in destroying pathogenic germs.
    • Dustless, pleasant-smelling, and contains no wood products.

     Available in 25 or 50 lb.

      How to Use

      In posted cases where the circulation has been destroyed and sometimes accident cases, effectual surrounding tissue is accomplished by the Frigid compound. After injecting the arteries toward the extremities, the organs should be sponged dry and then thoroughly packed with the compound.

      Mutilated bodies or those that have decomposed to sunch an extent that embalming is impossible, can be effectually preserved. Open the body full length and after removing all accumulated liquids thoroughly swathe every organ and surface that can be reached with the compound. If the outer surface of the body is not to be hypodermiced, saturate cloths with embalming fluid, wrap about the body and apply the compound between cloth and body as wrapping proceeds.

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