36 Plus Arterial Fluid Silitech
36 Plus Arterial Fluid Silitech

36 Plus Arterial Fluid Silitech

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This item combines well with any other fluid to add firmness without losing the natural skin pliability that SILITECH provides. Assures preservation and pleasing results with both normal and difficult cases. It is particularly effective on frozen, decomposed and other challenging cases. 


  • The lubricating, diffusing and penetrating advantages of SILITECH.
  • The addition of Frigid STOP to prevent the causes of tissue gas.
  • A water conditioner to neutralize calcium ions and soften hard water.
  • In total: Four stacked surfactants to eliminate capillary surface tension and provide best-in-class distribution and diffusion
  • A high, 33 index to ensure preservation.

Embalmer's tips:

  • The best arterial penetration by far, it fills features completely leaving a long term, natural appearance and contains dye that does not fade. 
  • Don't be scared off by the index... Acts more like a mid than high index. An absolute must-have in the prep room! 

Note: 36 PLUS is not recommended for a prep room attached to a septic system for which we recommend lanolin-based Tissue Guard 32.